Flea Control


Flea (Ctenocephalides)
Cat and dog fleas are very similar in appearance and both species can live on both cats and dogs. The female is 2.5 mm long, and the male is slightly smaller.

Humans are mainly attacked by cat fleas.  A cat or dog may have a light infestation of fleas without the human inhabitants knowing it, but if the pets are carrying large numbers of fleas, then there is naturally a greater likelihood of humans being bitten

The larvae of both species are nearly twice as long as the adults. They feed on particles of dry blood, excrement, and various organic substances collected in corners and crevices in the infested premises. When infestations are very heavy, an accumulation of grayish larvae and white eggs give the sleeping quarters of cats and dogs a “salt-and-pepper” appearance that easily identifies the infestation.

Flea Pest Control Measure: Insecticides can be used to treat infested premises and protect them from re infestation by spraying carpeted areas.  In addition, hosts can be treated directly using products recommended by your Vet.

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